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Driver Accreditation For CPV | Commercial Passenger Vehicles

Ready to get back on the wagon? Prepare yourself with everything to know about Driver Accreditation....Read More

Reasons You Should Consider Employment In Aged Care Sector

Has the COVID-19 pandemic made you rethink your career industry? Are you thinking about working in the Aged Care Sector? ...Read More

How Can A Background Check Aid Integrity, Trust & Success For A Business?

Here at KONCHECK, it is our ongoing effort to capture attention about the pressing need for background checks and national police checks....Read More

Why To Conduct Academic Checks & Background Screening in the Education Sector?

Much to your surprise, fraud in credentials, resumes are becoming common to see in the education sector....Read More

How Important Is Pre-employment Screening For The Construction Industry in Australia?

Whether it’s highways, homes, a school, or an office in a skyscraper - safety remains a top priority....Read More

Attention HR Managers: Do You Consider This While Hiring?

A few handful companies & respective HR managers are in such a rush to fulfill the position that they neglect the importance of Pre-employment background checks, employment background checks, and with non-for-profit organisations a volunteer with a Volunteer Police Check. ...Read More

The Complete Guide On Types of Australian Employment & On-Demand Background Checks

Reduce the risk of hiring a wrong candidate & avoid potential threats to the company & community. Knowing these types of background checks can aid massively in recruitment process....Read More

How essential is it to apply for a Work Rights Check in Australia?

If you are not an Australian citizen but do hold a valid visa, you should check your work rights to ensure you are following the conditions of your visa. ...Read More

What If An Employee Refuses To Apply For A Criminal History Check?

For compliance purposes, some companies require police checks to be conducted on existing employees, sometimes regularly, and for new employees at the time of hiring....Read More

Case Study: FAQs on Police Check Applications and Answers To Save Your Time

The themes of some of the queries are quite similar. So, we have jotted down some of the most Frequently Asked Questions and answered them in this article. ...Read More