Background Checks in the Pre-Employment Process

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) is closely working with Australian police organisations to safeguard the Australian community by delivering a National Police Checking Service. This service allows people to apply for a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC).

A Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC) is an Australia-wide integrity check based on consent which discloses an applicant’s background and history against the records contained by police databases held by ACIC. Organisations use it to make informed choices to show suitability for paid work, unpaid work or volunteering with vulnerable groups such as children or adults with disabilities.

Importance of A National police check

There are some possible risks organisations must consider when hiring an employee. Pre-Employment Background Check address these important aspects. It is essential for a company to hire employees who are trustworthy and capable of carrying out their duties with honesty.

This could be achieved through a Background Check Hiring the right employee for an organization: A police check on a candidate enables the employer to determine the right candidate for the job. Any previous criminal offences may be disclosed during the background check.

  • Faster Screening Process:
  • National police checks make the employee screening process way faster. This avoids delays in determining the suitability of a particular employee in an organisation. Moreover, the faster the employment hiring formalities are done with, the applicant gets their job faster!

  • Maintaining Organisation Standards:
  • For business prosperity, the company’s reputation is vital. It is also essential for organisations to ensure the safety of workers and guard their reputation. In order to minimize the risk and potential fraud by staff, a National police check is needed.

  • Reduce Costs and Saves More Money:
  • Acquiring a police check for an employee brings the organisation one step closer to selecting the right candidate. An acceptable police check result concludes that the applicant is safe for the company and overrules any possible threat to anyone and anything involved with organisational processes in the future. Otherwise, the time and money invested to repeat the process is often not suitable.

  • Protection & Security:
  • Safe Employees = Safe Work. In order to keep confidential information safe and secure, a company needs to ensure to hire trustworthy people. A background police check provides Criminal history and helps the management make an informed decision about hiring an employee.

  • Ensures Safety:
  • According to the Australian Crime Commission Regulations 2018, "The police history checking service plays an important role in ensuring that bodies such as charities, educational institutions, government agencies and healthcare providers do not employ or confer any benefits on unsuitable applicants.”

Where to Start?

To lodge a National police check, online processing is more feasible as it offers a lesser turn-around time. Also, organisations need to consider:
Should organisations conduct the police check by themselves or employees can obtain it?
An organisation might be comfortable with the national police check obtained by prospective employees themselves. In that case, they must be satisfied with the complete information an employee provides during a police check.

In case there may be some missing information, or if the purpose listed on the police check does not suffice or is incorrect, the applicant will have to lodge another police check. So, it is always reliable to conduct a national police check by the organisation!

Why Choose KONCHECK?

An applicant should vividly look for the right partner for their national police clearance check. KONCHECK focuses on streamlining the National police check process:

  • Reputation:
  • An organisation must consider the reputation of the police checking website. KONCHECK is accredited by The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC).

  • Delivery Time:
  • Turn-around times are significant in the police checking field. So, it is always better to choose online services. KONCHECK aims to deliver the NCCHC Certificate within 1-2 business days*. (*Depends on the complexity of the check)

  • Affordability & Secure:
  • KONZE’s newly launched service KONCHECK is very affordable without any hidden charges. A website’s payment gateway must always be safe and reliable, and it should not have any hidden costs. It uses Stripe as its’ payment gateway to ensure secure transactions.

  • Safety:
  • KONCHECK assures its’ applicants they do not misuse any personal information in any way. KONCHECK only collects an applicant’s information for the purpose of lodging a police check and for verifying the identity of the applicant. More information about this is provided in the KONCHECK Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

  • Tracking the Status:
  • KONCHECK provides the option to track the status of a submitted application in real-time.

  • Verify the Certificate:
  • It is important for employers to verify the authenticity of a certificate. KONCHECK allows employers to verify a certificate online issued by them.

  • Mobility:
  • One can apply from anywhere through KONCHECK without any delay of lodging the Police check Application. An internet connection and a copy of your documents are all you require!

    To prosper in business, it’s essential to invest for the right people. Choose the right partner like KONCHECK for the national police checking service and start walking in the path of success!

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