Applying for an Australian police check


National police check - is a subject that is more often than not is straightforward however, still many of us remain concerned.

One might be needing an Australian police check for a myriad of reasons such as to apply for a license, or as a part of an employment background check, or simply registering for volunteer work, which could include work with vulnerable groups.

The reason could be any, but when you consent to a national police check, there are various questions that pop up in the head. Mainly,

  • What are your rights when permitting a police check?
  • Who can conduct a police check?
  • Who can access the results? and more…

To ease your worry, we have listed a few important questions to know before you agree to the police check Melbourne, or NSW police check, or for any other state.

7 Things To Know Before Applying for an Australian police check

1. When and who can conduct your police check?

An Australian federal police check can only be done when you have given consent to do so. 

A trustworthy & recognized police check provider who is accredited by ACIC can conduct a police check

A few types of background checks are volunteer police check, National Crime Check, working with children check, VEVO check, etc.

2. Am I required to disclose the police records proactively?

You do not have to share your criminal records unless there’s a requirement by the law. You can provide your police check result to your prospective/current employer if they require it.

However, in an interview, you are not required to volunteer for the same as per the Human Rights Commission.

3. What are the chances of my application being refused due to a police check?

If your criminal record isn’t a serious offense or is irrelevant to the job role or position you are applying to then your employment application shouldn’t be affected.

Suppose, a person wishes to apply as a driver in a transport firm. Moreover, his national police clearance certificate shows an offense such as a traffic violation, or drunk driving, etc., then the application may be turned down.

Considering the above scenario, if the position applied for is an Accountant and yet the application is refused, the employer/organization may be sued for discrimination.

4. Who can access my police records?

The Privacy Law in Australia restricts anyone to get access to your police check records. Only you can request a copy of your criminal history check.

Irrespective of any relation, you will not be able to get hold of someone else's national police check records.

While applying for a police check, if you have consented, your employer will get a copy of your police check result.

5. Is there an expiration date or time for a National police check?

A national police check is a “point-in-time check”. In other words, it does not have an expiration date per se.

In general, most companies do not accept a police check certificate that is older than three months.
However, it depends upon a case-to-case basis. 

6. Where & how to lodge a National police check application?

Whether you are looking for an NSW police check or National police check SA or for any other state - the best is to check the services from an ACIC accredited police check service provider.

KONCHECK delivers Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks Within 1-2 Business Days. You can now say goodbye to the old days of applying manually for your Australian police check.

No need to personally visit a police station, collect the form, fill it up, and post it.

“Get Your Application Filled Up Online with KONCHECK in Just 5 Easy Steps”


Step-1: Fill Personal Details & Select Check Type

Step-2: Securely Pay

Step-3: Fill Application

Step-4: Upload ID’s, Sign & Submit the Application

Step-5: Receive Your NCCHC Certificate

7. Customized Solutions For Businesses

There is a massive opportunity for you to control the compliance, audit, security, reputation, & more for your organization.

Now benefit with the customized solution for recruiting agencies, HR team of SMBs, or large organizations to effectively & instantly process national police checks.

You can conduct background checks as per your business requirements with No Subscription Costs.

Benefits of KONCHECK Business Solutions

Partner Website

  1. Get your own Co-Branded Police Checking Website
  2. Avail highly efficient police check processing technology
  3. Flexible payment system

Personalized Online Portal

  1. The dashboard provides an overview of applications
  2. Track the status of applications
  3. Send reminders to applicants

Simplified Process

  1. Send applicants notifications via email to apply for a police check and reminders!
  2. Applicants can avail of a discounted price on the check
  3. Easy to fill, a 100% online application form

Wrap Up:

KONCHECK can help organizations with on-demand background check services.

We are an ACIC accredited national police check provider delivering NCCHC certificates across Australia.

Most of the police clearance certificates are delivered within 1-2 business days.

Get your national police checks Australia-wide whether you need National police check SA, National police check NSW, police check QLD, etc.

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