Why To Conduct Academic Checks & Background Screening in the Education Sector?


In the past couple of posts, we have checked the critical role of employment screening in the varied industry sectors such as Construction, Aged-care, Transport, Healthcare, etc.

This time we are uncovering the need for the same in the education sector. Let’s dive deep and understand what is an education background check, what is covered, and why it is important.

Much to your surprise, fraud in credentials, resumes are becoming common to see in the education sector. Institutions nowadays have to pay extra attention while hiring educators because an unlikely candidate will not only tarnish the reputation but also pose a threat to students & their careers.

Thus, companies also prefer to conduct National police check or Criminal History Check along with verifying the educational background.

What is an Education Background Check?

An education background check is conducted to verify certificates, training, or education of the prospect applying for the role. Usually, the education verification covers the dates of attendance and the degree authenticity.

Companies may or may not use third-party agencies to conduct checks; however, in most cases, degrees are verified by the Admissions and Records office of the school or institution. This verification is known as an Education Check or Education Background Check.

How Long Does It Take To Conduct Education Verification?

Typically, education background check results can be obtained within 1-2 business days. Depending upon the nature of the request and the details required, some education verification may take a longer time than usual.

How Far Back The Education Checks Can Be Traced?

It depends upon the requirement and circumstance to determine how far back the verification check will go. It may start with high school graduation till the Ph.D qualification. The specified checks depend on the company policy who is conducting the education check along with the time frame when the degree or certificate was awarded.

What Is Covered In An Education Background Check?

Companies may contact universities, colleges, vocational schools, and even high schools to conduct education verification on behalf of the candidate applying for the role. They may verify the following things:

  • Enrollment
  • Academic dates & year of attendance
  • Type of degree pursued
  • Certificate completion status
  • Graduation Completion date

The Importance of Education Verification

An education background check reveals any discrepancies by verifying degrees, training, and certification claims by the candidate. Education checks may help you:

  • To hire qualified candidates more quickly
  • To reduce the risk of hiring a candidate with fake details
  • To protect your organization against liability claims
  • To adhere to federal, state, local, and industry regulations

Here are some of the key points to consider before offering a role to the candidate.

Credential Verification

It is a must for HR teams to verify every claim on a candidate’s resume by conducting an education background check. You’ll want to make sure that the candidate possesses the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform job functions.

It has become more and more easy & common for applicants to obtain fake degrees and other misleading credentials or certificates. Employers need to conduct academic checks to build a trustworthy team, maintain reputation, and possibly avoid liability.

Licensing & Certification

Due to the subject of practicality involved, certain vocations will require teachers, lecturers, or professors to obtain a license and certification. It falls within the responsibility bubble of the HR team to review those requirements from time to time for everyone they hire and for the ones you have already hired.

Criminal History Checks

Higher education is a field where national police checks should be conducted more rigorously. Not only the reputation of the institution is at stake, but it might well put the students at risk.

Even by the slightest negligence, you do not want to hire a person with a violation of law or a person with criminal charges.

A thorough criminal history check should be a part of your background screening for the education process. Additionally, ensure that you also have a policy in place to deal with such cases if and when it happens.


Education has become costlier day by day. Students have to pay thousands of dollars or take student loans to make the best possible path in their chosen career. Teachers & lecturers are the ones who need to deliver on those promises.

You need to hire tutors who not only educate but also inspire students. You need to hire candidates with a personality that students can admire and look up to them.

Quality Is Never An Accident

To succeed in the industry, your institution must hire the best educators who could deliver the best results. Skipping background screening or not performing an education background check may jeopardize your reputation with students and in public.

Thorough academic checks will result in hiring the best teaching staff who deserves the role and are the very best people for the job.

Wrap Up:

KONCHECK can help organizations with on-demand background check services. We are an ACIC accredited national police check provider delivering NCCHC certificates across Australia-wide. Most of the police clearance certificates are delivered within 1-2 business days.

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