Benefits of Becoming A Background Screening Partner


The world is finally reopening following the COVID-19 outbreak which closed many doors across the globe - however, there's still so much uncertainty.

Which type of worker is going back to the office, and when? What changes will be implemented in the office?

Jobs such as salespersons, customer service representatives, secretaries, and assistants are needed in most organizations. There is one critical thing that they need to ensure: they need to know if their current and potential employees are safe enough to hire.

Building a great business takes more than bright ideas and hard work. It also takes the right people. Unfortunately, those “right” people are all over the place these days with fake resumes, criminal convictions, and other such issues which may affect their credibility.

A background screening partner can provide peace of mind as businesses navigate employees' return to work and new hire onboarding processes.

Businesses understand the importance of background checks on employees. Getting access to them has traditionally required months of waiting. With the growing number of new hires, that wait is no longer an option.

Let’s focus on 5 reasons why your business needs a background screening partner.

Eliminating Background Check Delays


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the way background checks are implemented, with many states still not fully functional. This leaves companies relying solely on virtual services for their conditional hiring process until relevant information can be verified by officials.

Luckily, businesses can partner with a background check service provider to mitigate those challenges so that the processes can continue without interruption or delay.

Employee offer letters should always include language around conditional hiring practices to ensure that new hires understand that background checks may not be verified for some time following their offer. Making sure the letter clearly states how long it could take, depending on what information is received and whether there are any disputes with an employee's report before they start work are a few examples.

Screening delays are very time-consuming. Hiring an unsuitable employee costs time, money, and a lot of frustration. And the company's reputation will suffer. (See Why Background Checks Are Important.)

There is a better way! For any business, large or small, background checks should be a top priority. And any business owner who finds screening difficult, frustrating, and slow should consider outsourcing.

Flexible Hiring Processes


A national police check partner can help a business meet any changes to background check regulations. A flexible process gives recruiting managers the freedom they need to make choices. A process that is specific about what skills are required, but not too specific, gives people the freedom to be creative.

For example, a qualitative employee criminal record check is essential for a candidate who is going to need a higher level of security clearance due to accessibility to sensitive information.

COVID-19 & The New Normal


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for many organizations, but the introduction of screening solutions can help ensure your company stays in compliance.

Employee screening practices can be supportive in updating policies and communicating legal rights around urging employees to get tested. Simultaneously, identifying accommodations that may be required if an individual cannot or refuses vaccination upon eligibility or refuses to get tested.

Protecting your staff and customers from communicable diseases can be complicated. There are policies to develop, laws to comply with, and orders to produce. But all these need to start with a background screening partner.

Increased Level of Liability


When you need to reduce exposure and create a safer environment for your employees, a background screening partner can add an extra layer of accountability.

Your business can't afford to overlook routine hiring practices, including background screening. The stakes are too high—you depend on your employees to keep clients and customers safe, help keep your business compliant, and ease the workload.

Background check partners are the go-to solution for front-line managers. Background screening partners offer a legal framework that applies to each organization, providing high-quality solutions to meet needs that are aligned with an organization’s core values.

Leverage With Fewer Resources


A background screening partner is a resource for any business that needs to screen employees, contractors or volunteers on a regular basis.

No matter the legal requirements, budget, or resources you have available, a background screening partner can help you create a comprehensive screening program tailored to your personnel needs.

Working with a partner is essential for your business to effectively manage Federal, State, and Local issues surrounding background screening. They should be there to support you, not interfere with your workflow.

Wrap Up:


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