Driver Accreditation Requirements


The transport industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Australia. However, holding a full driving licence is not enough when it comes to driving a hire car, motorcycle, public bus, rideshare, courier vehicle etc. A driver accreditation is also a must in that case.

A driver accreditation is a state-wise scheme to determine that the driver meets all the safety standards and is fit for the industry.

Every state and territory has a requirement. However, to apply for the driver accreditation, generally one may need a Traffic History, Medical History and Criminal History check In states like South Australia, a Working with Children check and Northern Territory, Insolvency check may be required.

In the Traffic History check, the offence type, how old the offence was, how severe it is being checked. In Medical History check, the Austroads and National Transport Commission has set some standards. The applicant must meet the criterion.

3-6 months old Criminal History Check certificates may not be accepted. The applicant himself can apply for the check from an accredited site, or the driver accreditation body conducts the check behalf of the applicant. The current driver accreditation holders also under strict supervision and the accreditation may get cancelled if any criminal changes occur.

Driver accreditation application can be disqualified under 3 circumstances. Mostly, if Working with Children check prohibits someone from working in this sector.

Attain the Criminal History check through KONCHECK before applying for the driver accreditation.

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