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How do I Apply for a Police Check | Understanding Australian National Police Check

The vision of The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) is to make the country a safer place which is better connected as well as informed and capable of quick response to crime.
To turn the vision into practice, ACIC works intimately with Australian police to protect the Australian community through the provision of the National Police Checking Service.

Background and Police Check is on Demand

Be it an individual or an organization, Police Check will give you an upper-hand! Want to know why?

Want a Dream Job?

  First thing, First! Apply for Police Check
  • Show applicant’s professional approach
  • Applicant becomes employment ready
  • Create a positive impact on the employer

Hassles of Paper Forms and Snail-Mails?

  • Solution is here! KONCHECK, launched by KONZE PTY Ltd is an 100% Online Portal to Conduct Police Check.

Benefits: Why KONCHECK?

  • Accredited by ACIC
  • Valid Australia wide
  • Fast Fastest turn-around time
  • Keep Confidential data safe
  • Pocket-friendly and user-friendly
  • Track the status of application
  • Verify the certificate in 2 Steps
  • Access from anywhere

A Smarter way of Check

  • Get Started  Pay Online  File Application  Upload documents and Sign  Receive NCCHC Certificate

Select your Required Check Type:

  • Standard Police Check for Employment Purposes
  • Police Check for Volunteer / Unpaid Work
It does not matter if you are an individual, large or small business group, KONCHECK will get you covered!

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