How Important Is Pre-employment Screening For The Construction Industry in Australia?


The construction industry plays a pivotal role in building our support systems such as infrastructure, roads, etc. It consists of various services such as installation, construction, demolition, renovation and surveying buildings to name a few.

Whether it’s highways, homes, a school, or an office on a skyscraper - safety remains a top priority.

Thus, the industry is heavily regulated in terms of licensing, operations, and other compliance areas. That is why a background verification, including a national police check, and examining the skills becomes the first step for HR departments of construction companies to check. 

The 2nd wave of COVID-19 has affected various industries. Certainly, it has slowed down the ongoing projects and raised the bar for people's safety. The industry suffered a blow due to the limited availability of workers, social distancing restrictions, and supply chain distractions.

Construction Industry’s Role In Australia’s GDP


Despite all that, as per the ‘National Industry Insights’, the Construction industry generates over $360 billion in revenue, producing around 9% of Australia’s Gross Domestic Product, and has a projected annual growth rate of 2.4% in the next five years.

Meanwhile, it becomes very crucial to conduct construction background checks to ensure that the workers who mount these structures for society are skilled, capable, qualified, and can be relied upon.

The above-mentioned source also projects that employment in the construction industry was just under 1,180,000 in 2020 and is projected to exceed 1,282,000 by 2024. On the other hand, hiring managers in the construction industry also have to keep in mind that the jobs are time-driven, physically demanding, and regulation-oriented.

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It creates the need for National police checks & Construction Pre-employment Screening - a must-step in search for a competent worker. These workers must show the traits of being not only skilled but also demonstrate their ability to handle job pressure.

In such circumstances, carrying a contractor background check or national police check may aid the hiring team at the construction companies to select the right candidate quickly. 

Let’s dig deeper in knowing the reasons for Pre-Employment Background Verification in the construction industry.

Contractor Background Check


Most of the construction projects require work to be sublet to contractors with adequate permits, licenses, and manpower to complete the project.

It would not be wise to consider that these contractors possess a license to finish the project. Thus, it becomes necessary to conduct thorough contractor background checks to ensure the safety & completion of the project.

A contractor background check usually includes employment verification, criminal history check (National police check), skills & certification checks, etc.

License Check


Employment background checks for construction companies are the only way forward to eliminate threats associated with the industry. HR managers and companies need to conduct a license check to ensure that the potential hire is qualified to run the equipment and follow best practice standards for the industry.

Construction Pre-employment Screening allows companies to be compliant and at peace by knowing that the resource is not only capable of performing the job but will also adhere to the regulations & safety protocols put in place.

Irrespective of a specific license type or a skill certificate or a class-rated license to operate heavy machinery - Construction Background Checks are the need of the hour.

Why is Construction Pre-employment Screening & National police checks Important?


  1. To Protect Tools, Equipment & Machinery

    Construction site equipment is expensive and some of them even collect user data to help further. Conducting background verification helps in assessing job applicants on various parameters such as work experience, references, criminal history, etc.

    On-demand background checks on potential candidates help you build confidence & trust and are necessary to safeguard company assets in the process.

  3. To Deliver Quality Work

    Usually, the construction business is involved in mounting & building massive structures. Besides the company’s reputation, money & resources involved, these infrastructure and facilities are used by the general public and hence their lives are at stake.

    A slight mistake in the process by the inexperienced workers reflects the quality of work and proves fatal.

    Construction Pre-employment Screening will help you put the right candidate on the job and protect your business from negligent hiring claims.

  5. On-site Safety

    The hiring team should look for characteristics in a person that projects following regulations & safety protocol. A person with the right attitude towards safety for himself & others will be the best fit to deliver quality work.

    Such individuals not only understand the sincerity of the project completion but also know the severity of accidents involving human life. 

Wrap Up:


If you are a construction company, it is your primal duty to safeguard the team, equipment, and data. KONCHECK can help you to deliver national police checks online to improve the speed of your recruitment process. Contact us today to know more.

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