How to hire Employees in the Hospitality Industry?


The hospitality industry in Australia is witnessing a steady growth in the past five years. Some of the critical factors of such an extension can be the growing ‘foodie’ culture and increasing population. Many individuals also come forward to own a hospitality business as the consumer demand rises which in turn helps increase employment opportunities for many.

In this blog, we will be highlighting the requirements in the hospitality industry.

Also, Here is a Checklist of Employee must-do's when on-boarding your Hospitality Industry:

Let’s take an overview of the key roles involved in the industry. We can divide this industry in two main parts, i.e. accommodation and food.

In accommodation, there are hotels, motels and apartments for visitors.

In food, there are restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, take away, other businesses selling meat, beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic).

Here are Some of the Key Roles Included:

  • Cafe and Restaurant Managers
  • Bar Attendants and Baristas
  • Retail Managers
  • Cafe Workers
  • Sales Assistants
  • Waiters
  • Receptionists
  • Hotel and Motel Managers
  • Hotel Service Managers

What are the Requirements to Open the Business?

To open a hospitality business, one needs to obtain the appropriate licences and permits. Every state in Australia has their own rules and regulations. Generally, the below licence and permits may be required before commencement:

  • Licence to prepare/sell food
  • Permission to sell and consumption of alcohol
  • Licence for erecting/displaying signage
  • Permission of restricted trading days
  • Permit of outdoor dining
  • Permit of playing video/sound recordings
  • Disposal of waste

To apply for a liquor licence in particular states or territories, one may need to have a National police check.

For example, when applying for business and technical licenses to the Northern Territory Government, you must be able to show that you are a fit and proper individual, company or organization to hold a licence.

What may be required to work in the industry?

The industry is booming. The employment opportunity is also increasing at the same rate. Before hiring an employee, an employer may ask for the required license or certificates.

Certificate II, III, IV, Kitchen operations, Commercial cookery, Diploma, Advanced diploma, etc. may be required to secure a job.

Different online courses are also available. An applicant can obtain courses on food handling, food safety, food safety supervisor, food safety for aged and children care.

#1: RSA Licence:

If the hospitality industry involves serving alcohol, a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate is required. It is proof that a person owns the knowledge and skills to provide alcohol responsibly to the customers.

However, in some states like New South Wales, an applicant may be required to hold an Interim Certificate which is a different type of RSA certificate. 

#2: RCG Qualification:

Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) qualification of evidence may be required if applicable. 

#3: Police History Check:

Current Police History Check Certificate, wherein the issue date should not be over three months (in some states or territories, the period may vary).

What Should an Employer Expect When Hiring for The Industry?

The hospitality industry is very tricky when it comes to hiring an employee. This industry involves a lot of client involvement. Only communicating power isn’t enough; handling the client with utmost care is also essential to living up to the organisational standard. In this blog, we have tried to jot down some important aspects to consider including Police check for Employment

#1: Interpersonal skills:

Hospitality industry is customer-centric. To foster a smooth conversation, one must develop interpersonal skills. Knowing how to prioritize the customer’s interest is crucial.

#2: Proper grooming and hygiene:

In this industry, many employers consider appearance and personal hygiene is key. Contaminating food, even unintentionally, is a serious crime. So, the prospective hire should be well-groomed and who maintains proper hygiene at all times.

#3: Fatigue managing capability:

This sector works almost 24x7. There are long shifts nearly every week. Employees who will be flexible to work in a tight schedule usually get priority. A person who understands the priority and adjusts according to that can perform well in fatigue management.

#4: Excellent listening skills:

To work in this industry requires to be a good listener. To understand what customers want to convey, one needs to be a good listener. What is more, a person whose language picking skill is right, may get preference as they might deal with multi-lingual customers.

#5: Presentation of food:

Hiring employees who know how to present food is crucial because it often attracts a large variety of customers. Everyone wants the perfect food click for their social media profiles!

#6: Teamwork:

Like every other sector, cooperation is one of the crucial factors in this industry as well. Highly-effective employees know how to work in a team and cooperate. While hiring, an employer must check if the applicant understands his role and at the same time, can support co-workers by taking active participation.

Keep in mind, holding a Criminal History Check can be mandatory in this industry. KONCHECK can help a business organisation as well as an applicant to obtain a Police clearance. It is a 100% online service provider that delivers the certificates fast and in a secure way. Additionally, it’s affordable to apply for the police check to secure a good career in the hospitality industry.

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