How a Criminal History Check is Important for a Volunteer


A Criminal History Check for volunteers may be mandatory if volunteers are working in child or aged care facilities or with other vulnerable groups such as disabled persons.

A Volunteer Criminal History Check is mainly required as a Duty of Care requirement. The Volunteer police check can be obtained through KONCHECK.

KONCHECK provides an accredited Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check that is valid all over Australia. An individual volunteer may need to obtain two different checks, i.e. Police check for Volunteers and a Working with Children Check.

However, specific states or territories have their own alternatives in case of a Working with Children Check. A volunteer should obtain the relevant check for the state/territory they will be working in.

One may ask, How long is a police check Valid For? Government funder or supported aged care is required to have a check renewed in every 3 years.

70% of the results are delivered within 1-2 business days from KONCHECK.

The service that we provide is fast, affordable and has a secure process to lodge a National police check for Volunteers.

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