Know the process of lodging National police check via KONCHECK


You are about to become part of a new organization. Your new company wants you to show a Criminal History Check. Employee Background Check is strongly recommended by the Australian Government to decrease workplace-related threats like theft, fraud, violence.

You were recommended to get your National police check Australia from KONCHECK by one of your friends. KONCHECK is easy, safe, and affordable medium to apply for the police check. You want to know the process before applying, so you can easily lodge the check.

Provide the full name in the first step, and pick the check type from Standard employment and Volunteer police check.

KONCHECK will then ask you to make the payments in the next phase. Payments can be made via Visa, MasterCard, or Amex. Fill out the rest of the application form by including your birth information, current and residential address records up to the last five years.

Upload the minimum identity required for Police check. Provide consent by electronically signing the form.

Once the application is received, KONCHECK will verify the documents and confirm your identity. Then they will lodge the check in the National Database.

After receiving the result, KONCHECK will issue the certificate and notify the applicants.

In case, still, if you face any difficulty, we will suggest you contact the support team of KONCHECK.

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