Why It Is Important to Specify “The Purpose” In Your National Police Check Application?


Let’s Begin With a Common Scenario.

You have an interview lined up. You become presentable and appear on time. You answer the interviewer to the best of your ability.

Moreso, you clear the interview, and the HR manager asks you to submit relevant documents along with a National Police Check (NPC) certificate.

You might either be completely clueless or aware of what is a National Police Check but unsure of how to proceed with it.

This blog post will help you with the best practical guide to how to apply & complete your National Police Check for Employment.

Moreover, we will also cover the important fields you need to take extra care of and the ways to get your Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check Certificate (NCCHC).

Well, your need to apply for a National Police Check isn’t just limited to employment only. One might be needing the National Police Clearance Certificate for volunteering at a non-profit organization, working with vulnerable people, etc.

But first, let start with what is a National Police Check.

What is a National Police Check?

A National Police Check is a point-in-time check disclosing court outcomes if you had or have a record of any criminal activity, convictions, sentences, offenses, or penalties according to a State, or Territory in Australia.

Majorly all kinds of organizations (public or private) require a criminal history check to help recruiters make an informed decision and safeguard the workplace environment.

Candidates also need to keep in mind the state they are applying in as the Police Clearance Certificate might be subjected to local jurisdictions.

For example, National Police Check SA, National Police Check NSW, Police Check QLD, etc.

Why It Is Important To Specify “The Purpose” In Your National Police Check Application?

There are various fields in an NPC application form such as personal details, professional information, and most important the type, category, and purpose of the check.

The ‘Purpose’ field will determine the reason and based on that the records will be shared accordingly - exceptions included in the Commonwealth Spent Convictions Scheme.

In simpler words, the results will only contain the relevant information to the check’s purpose from the database. The extent of information that will be released on your NPC is solely dependent on the check’s purpose.

For example, if you wish to apply as a driver in a transport or logistics company, your police clearance information will state whether you are deemed to fit that position or not.

Hence, it is advisable to confirm the purpose (if you are not sure) from your hiring team to furnish the accurate purpose for your National Police Check.

What is Commonwealth Spent Convictions Scheme?

As per the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner website, the said scheme allows an individual not to disclose a conviction for a less serious offense after a period of good behavior and prohibits unauthorized use and disclosure of information about this conviction. The scheme also covers pardons and quashed convictions.

For more information on Commonwealth Spent Convictions Scheme, you can visit

Can You State More Than One Purpose For Police Check?

The answer is ‘No’. The level of the information shared, and its nature is totally dependent upon the purpose you have stated in your NPC application form. As discussed above with an example, a check for a driving purpose may not be accepted to volunteer at an aged care facility. 

5 Ways To Get Your National Police Check Form Filled Correctly

KONCHECK brings you the one-stop solution for individuals and a partnering option for organizations. 

With KONCHECK, you can start, pause and resume your online application at your convenience. Additionally, no more need to manually apply and wait for a Criminal History Check certificate.

More than 70% of the National Police Check results are delivered within 48 business hours.

How It Works:

1) Complete the personal details section, select the check type and fill in the purpose of the check.

2) Securely pay online

3) Fill the application form

4) Upload your documents, Sign & Submit your application

5) Receive Your NCCHC Certificate

The Australian government recommends companies and agencies perform strict background checks adhering to Australian standards. But mostly, an employer must decide which background checks are relevant to complete the recruitment process. 

Hence, we urge candidates to communicate clearly with the HR manager or the recruiting team regarding the purpose and type of the check required to be eligible for the applied position.

Just remember, if you give a false or misleading purpose for needing your NPC, the information released may not be accurate and may not be accepted by your employer.

This will make your National Police Check certificate utterly useless for the intended purpose. As seen above, police clearance certificates are point-in-time checks, and hence, not only your efforts will go in vain but you’ll also need to re-apply and pay the fees. 

Wrap Up:

KONCHECK can help organizations with on-demand background check services. We are an ACIC accredited national police check provider delivering NCCHC certificates Australia-wide.

Most of the police clearance certificates are delivered within 1-2 business days. Get your national police check Australia-wide whether you need National Police Check SA, National Police Check NSW, or Police Check QLD, etc.

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