A National police check Makes an Individual Employment Ready


A National police check (officially known as the Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check) in Australia is a consent-based criminal history check of an applicant. Every organization wants to hire employees who are honest and not a threat to safety. Now with a 100% online process through KONCHECK, one can now apply for it hassle-free!

The Significance of Carrying out police checks on its Own

The Australian Government strongly recommends the police check on employees to eliminate any potential risk of safety to the organizations. Before going for an interview, an applicant can Apply for a police check by themselves. A police check can help in the following ways:

  • Fasten the employment screening process
  • Help meet the criterion of eligibility
  • Show an applicant’s professional approach
  • Create a positive impact on the employer
  • The applicant becomes employment ready

Most industries Require a police check

In some sectors, a background check, especially a National Criminal History Check is quite a casual term, but industries such as some listed below require police checks from their employees by law:


Health services include direct treatments to patients in public or private hospitals, general practices, physiotherapy clinics, etc. Also, it includes auxiliary services in support of treatment in pathology or diagnostic centres. A Police Clearance check is vital because healthcare services will have contact with aged people, children and other vulnerable groups like disabled people.


Police checks on employees and contractors in the transport industry are crucial. It is an essential aspect of compliance. Here, a police check can be an on-going or Pre-Employment Process. A lot of factors can be hidden from the management in day-to-day affairs.

If the driver/employee does not hold a licence or has a history of illegal driving, it puts various people at risk including the driver themselves, his surroundings, the company, and its business processes and reputation.

Aged Care:

Healthcare providers need to ensure that aged people in susceptible conditions are secure from abuse and negligence and are protected from any individual who may be a threat to them. A police check can help determine the eligibility of an individual who has direct or indirect contact with aged people.


Working in schools, colleges, training institutes consists of working in this sector, and the eligibility to work in education and child care sectors includes a wide variety of variables such as personality, abilities, experience and the right to work with children in most instances. Any possible criminal history is also taken into serious consideration when applying to work in this industry.


The demand for filling positions in this industry is always high, and it deals with high turnover. This job profile of this industry involves working with people outside the company from different sectors with great money at stake. Risk management is one of the highly regarded aspects of this industry. A thorough police check can reduce the chance of hiring the wrong applicant.


The primary and integral part of the security service industry is safety. They need to ensure the safety of the workers they hire before they themselves can provide security services. Therefore, police checks are mandatory to prevent unsuitable candidates from entering into the service.


In the hospitality industry, key roles include a Café/Restaurant manager, Bar attendants, Café workers, Receptionists etc. Each state or territory has its license and permits laws which include, selling or consumption of alcohol, preparing and selling food, etc.

Other Sectors

IT Industry:

The tech sector is booming rapidly in Australia. With the development of new technologies like clouds, big data, or emerging technologies such as AI, robotics, the risk factors are also growing. Data security is one of the big concerns for this sector. To prevent this threat, the organizations are now also vigorously implementing employment screening.


In retail businesses, the risk of loss is high because of theft and frauds by not only customers but employees as well. In such a sector, it is found to be easier to commit fraud.  A police check addresses these risks and eliminates any threat to the company and consumer protection. However, the employment process in this sector is the quickest, so the delivery time of the certificate matters for applicants.


Textile, clothing and footwear industries are a few examples that are very much significant in Australia. One of the largest industries in Australia is food and beverage, dairy products, sugar, fruit processing, bakery products manufacturing. With on-going safety measures and damages occurring within the industry, laws to work here only get more stringent.

Finance and Legal Services:

The Australian Banking Association has tightened its protocol and requirements for police checks. So, when it comes to a pre-employment reference check, including a National Criminal History Check, the financial sectors are more rigid compared to other industries.


Australia is one of the largest exporters of coal and gold. The mining industry contributes a significant amount in the country’s economy. Each state has its own requirements. In Western Australia, police check for occupational licensing is mandatory to work in this industry. As a reason for this, a national Police history check certificate must specify “Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety licensing purposes”.


This industry includes growers, farmers, nurseries, etc. Each state or territory government manages the licence and permits. It includes water usage, fire management and safety, clearing vegetation etc. Police checks may be mandatory for licensing purposes.

Real Estate:

The real estate industries include services like Property sales, Property management, Property leasing, etc. The chances of fraud can be high in this sector, as there is high turnover. So, a police clearance check is often required.

Authentic Resource for a Police History Check - KONCHECK

KONCHECK is a 100% online portal accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), and it helps to lodge police checks effortlessly. It eliminates the possibility of flaws that can creep in the manual process of a police check.

It also saves time as it removes the dependencies on time-consuming paper forms and snail-mails. Moreover, KONCHECK has a fast turn-around time. 70% of the certificates are delivered within 1-2 days, depending on the complexity. A quick and secure process for lodging the Nationally Coordinated Criminal History check.

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