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Attention HR Managers: Do You Consider This While Hiring?

A few handful companies & respective HR managers are in such a rush to fulfill the position that they neglect the importance of Pre-employment background checks, employment background checks, and with non-for-profit organisations a volunteer with a Volunteer Police Check. ...Read More

The Complete Guide On Types of Australian Employment & On-Demand Background Checks

Reduce the risk of hiring a wrong candidate & avoid potential threats to the company & community. Knowing these types of background checks can aid massively in recruitment process....Read More

How essential is it to apply for a Work Rights Check in Australia?

So, if you are not an Australian citizen but do hold a valid visa, you should check your work rights to ensure you are following the terms of your visa. ...Read More

What If An Employee Refuses To Apply For A Criminal History Check?

For compliance purposes, some companies require police checks to be conducted on existing employees, sometimes regularly, and for new employees at the time of hiring....Read More

Case Study: FAQs on Police Check Applications and Answers To Save Your Time

The themes of some of the queries are quite similar. So, we have jotted down some of the most Frequently Asked Questions and answered them in this article. ...Read More

How COVID-19 Has Taken A Toll On Mental Health In Australia

The ongoing pandemic creates the stage to show the world how important it is....Read More

Why Employee Well-being is Significant for Productivity & Company Output

Do you know that less productivity has cost Australian organisations almost $11 billion? The recent pandemic situation is creating more psychological hazards according to many surveys. The situation is alarming. ...Read More

What you Need to Know about Rural and Remote Nursing in Australia

In Australia, the nursing profession is one of the largest healthcare-related professions. The demand for these jobs is increasing day by day, especially in the rural and remote areas of the country....Read More

7 Hiring Tricks You Should Be Following for your Organisation

Once the hiring process is done, the recruiter must calculate the time taken for productivity. This helps to measure when a new hire starts contributing to the organisation....Read More

Which Background Checks Are Right For Your Company

KONCHECK, an accredited body of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), conducts Criminal History Checks for individuals....Read More