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Why is it Required To Have a Criminal History police check in the Nursing or Aged Care Industry?

Safety is one of the biggest reasons why employment screening is an integral part of the aged care industry in Australia....Read More

Know the process of lodging National police check via KONCHECK

Know the process of lodging a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check via KONCHECK...Read More

How do I Apply for a police check | Understanding Australian National police check

Solution is here! KONCHECK, launched by KONZE PTY Ltd is an 100% online portal to Conduct police check. ...Read More

How KONCHECK Deals with Different police check Scenarios & Offers Solutions

KONCHECK comes across various police check applications...Read More

Have Doubts? Know The Facts Before Choosing the Right police check!

Let’s see the differences between these two types of check so that you can choose which one you need for yourself and why....Read More


KONCHECK assures its’ applicants they do not misuse any personal information in any way. KONCHECK only collects an applicant’s information for the purpose of lodging a police check and for verifying the identity of the applicant. ...Read More

A National police check Makes an Individual Employment Ready

KONCHECK is a 100% online portal accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) through which one can lodge a police check effortlessly. It eliminates the possibility of flaws that can creep in the manual process of a police check....Read More

What are the possible outcomes of a Criminal History Check?

A criminal history check is also mandatory for any work involving contact with children in Australia. ...Read More