Police checks for Home Service Professionals


Like all other countries, Australians also often opt for home service professionals for many needs, from computer repairs and plumbing to maintenance of the pool, or even house cleaning and electricians. What is common to all home services is that they include clients who invite workers to their homes.

The service professionals are hired with a certain amount of trust as the customers provide access in and around the house, so it is common for people to pick a trustworthy company for those services. Still, it is also common for people to be easily tricked.

There is often a concern of security when a home service professional visits the house. The government of Australia has strict guidelines and even passed legislation of conducting a Criminal History Check on employees who are involved in-home service jobs, mainly when their job roles have supervised or unsupervised contact to children, aged or disabled persons. Besides, to work as a child carer, the candidate will be required to obtain a Working with Children Check.

For home service companies, ensuring their workers are trustworthy and professional is crucial to maintain the integrity of their company, and preventing expensive legal costs and penalties related to any criminal activity at the home of a customer. For the past few years, most of the home service companies have incorporated more stringent background screening procedures on their employees to reduce the risk of a grievous incident committed by service personnel when summoned to deal with an emergency or do repairs, and to comply with government legislation.

What are The Standard Residential Services?

Standard residential plumbing services include home cleaning, installation or repairs of electronic appliances, maintenance of lawn, etc.

For example, services provided by an electrician include general electrical maintenance, fuse replacement, telephone or power box repair or upgradation, light switch, door alarm repair etc. These services need to be addressed on an emergency basis as it hampers the essential operations of a household.

Categories of Services

Generally, home service professionals provide:

Cleaning -

House cleaning, maid services, move-in cleaning, office, etc.

TV and Electronics -

TV installation, Soundbar installation, TV mounting, Home theatre set-up, etc.

Assembly services -

Furniture, bed and office assembling

Handyman services -

Knobs installation, Handy helper, carpentry and repairs, hanging pictures and shelves are a few services included under this category.

Gardening -

Garden maintenance, lawn care services

Plumbing -

General plumbing, toilet repair, faucet repair services

Pest Control -

Insect, cockroach, ant, rodent pest control services

Electrical -

Ceiling, bath fans, light switch installation services

Besides all the above primary services, there are house moving services, painting, and window treatments like a curtain, shade installation are also available.

Under new circumstances, primarily as the Covid-19 pandemic has spread across the globe, many home service providers have started new services like Antiviral sanitisation for both residential and commercial places where they sanitise the risky areas. Some of the providers even claim that they employ the people who passed the training from the Australian government department of health.

What are The Requirements?

Many renowned providers have incorporated pre-screening of potential professionals, credential verifications as well as police checks. The background checks or a Criminal History Check are designed in such a way to classify crimes that could disqualify future professionals. These professionals could be workers, franchisors, distributors or independent contractors of more prominent national or corporate firms.

One of such providers -  Airtasker has introduced a unique badge system. They add a badge in the member’s profile once they fulfil specific criteria. For getting a police check badge, one must not have any disclosable court outcomes. Similarly, Working with Children Check badges or licencing badges are also displayed. It helps the customers decide the person that’s doing the work can do what they say they can do.

Why is a police check Required? Understanding the Risks Involved

Background screening of an employee helps avoid theft, fraud and accidents like robbery and abusive behaviour. Obtaining a criminal background check helps prevent the recruitment of unfit or unethical workers by an organisation. It also helps to reduce the chances of contract violations or wrong hiring allegations.

If a business fails to meet the terms and conditions of its contract with the customer, a breach of contract may arise. For example, if one of their home service professionals fails to complete the work, they damage property or physically or verbally abuse someone in their care, the professional may face trouble.

Negligent hiring problems occur when a home service professional commits a crime, and a complainant claims the employer should have known that their employee was not ‘fit and proper’ to work in the sector.

In general, breach of contract lawsuits and incompetent hiring is costly, often resulting in substantial media attention – with adverse effects on the image of the company and the overall morale of its employees. So, police check for a handyman, police check for plumber or police check for an electrician is quite a common term here.

The Applicant’s Right

It’s not that an employee will be automatically banned if they have a criminal record. The Human Rights Commission passed an act (Guidelines for the Prevention of Discrimination in Employment on the Basis of Criminal Record) in 2012, and it’s clearly stated the guidelines in case of discrimination in background checks.

Home service professionals must not reject an applicant if he or she has a previous conviction for a crime that is not relevant to their position. Home service businesses can only deny a claimant on the grounds of a sentence if they believe the previous offence prohibits the applicant from performing the requirements of that job profile.

Solution: Tie-up with a police check Service Provider

It is essential to ensure that your home service business is hiring the right people. So, the first thing you need is to find a trustworthy Police Checking provider. A Criminal History Check service saves time and money on your company by quickly locating any possible criminal records.

KONCHECK is an accredited provider of the Police Checking service by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC). KONCHECK can be best suited for you as it provides tailor-made business solutions for your organisations by seamlessly conducting bulk police checks regularly.

You can entirely rely on the authenticity of the certificates supplied by KONCHECK. As an employer, it will be very convenient if you can track the applications of the candidates and KONCHECK makes it possible for you. Its flexible payment system enables you to conduct checks as per the requirement and take complete control of your business.

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