Reasons Why your National police check Result can be Delayed


70% of Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC) Results are delivered in 1-2 business days. Some may be curious – What about the Other 30%? Let’s take a look at why a police check result may be delayed.

The Curious Case of a Duplicate Identity

An applicant’s personal details are checked against the National Database using a name-matching algorithm. There may be scenarios where there may have been some or all information that closely matches police information recorded in the system.

The chances of a duplicate identity are very slim, but where information is closely matched, it will be marked as a potential match and is referred to police for further processing.

Appropriate and necessary measures are taken before issuing the final Police check Certificate to avoid the consequences of an incorrect police check result being released.

Referred Checks

Referred checks are processed manually and the accredited body has no role to play; the information directly goes to the relevant Police Agencies for further review. The service aims to process 95% of police checks within 10 business days.

More about Potential Matches..

To confirm whether police records belong to you, the system matches personal details such as your name (previous, alias and maiden names if any), gender, and date of birth to name a few. Sometimes, your name and other personal details can be similar to another applicant who holds a criminal record in the database.

This may lead to a potential match. If any records are found in an applicant’s name which may have similar details of another applicant, the system may not be able to finalise these records. Police agencies then manually check these results and conclude the outcome.

Some factors that can affect the release of the police check result are:

  1. The similarity of your details with the person who has a criminal history
  2. The time when an offence is committed
  3. The state where the offence took place

In such Cases, How Many Days Does It Take For a Result To Be Processed?
95% of potential matches are aimed to be processed in 10 business days and the rest in about 15 business days.

What Happens If You Need a police check Urgently?

KONCHECK is dedicated to providing its’ users information in a smooth and timely manner and process. The user should understand that KONCHECK cannot expedite a normal priority application for the Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check.

An urgent priority can only be applied to Police check Applications where a delay in results may have a direct impact on the care, safety, or provision of essential services within the community. If the applicant wishes to lodge their police check application on an urgent priority, the purpose of the check specified on the application must fall into an urgent priority category.

Upon request, the applicant must be able to provide proof of the specified purpose. KONCHECK reserves the right to deny any request for urgent priorities if it is evaluated that the application does not fall under urgent priority.

How are police checks Conducted?

Upon completion of the online application form, KONCHECK verifies your documents and links the application to the claimed identity. Then, the application is lodged in the National Database where it is checked against the records for possible matches. There are two outcomes of the search;

  1. No Disclosable Court Outcomes (NDCO)
  2. Disclosable Court Outcomes (DCO)

All NCCHC’s in Australia are processed in a similar manner. This means the outcome will be the same regardless of which provider you choose.


As we’ve mentioned above, an accredited body does not play any role in the processing of a Police check once it is lodged in the national database system.

We inform applicants to only request for a follow-up of their police check result after 10 business days of submitting their application. For urgent priority cases, the applicant should wait 5 business days before requesting a follow-up.

An applicant can track the status of the application after signing in on our website. As soon as we receive the result, we notify the applicant of the same!

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