How KONCHECK Deals with Different police check Scenarios & Offers Solutions

CASE 1: Can You Submit a police check with Expired Documents?


An applicant has a recently expired Permanent Residency (PR) Visa, and is still in the process of applying for his Australian Citizenship.


The applicant contacted KONCHECK to lodge his Australian Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check.
As per the ACIC guidelines, expired documents are not acceptable to lodge a police check. So the question is, is the applicant eligible to lodge a police check with an expired Permanent Residency?


The ACIC has informed KONCHECK that they accept an expired Permanent Residency Visa document even though he has not acquired citizenship.
The Australian Permanent Residency is usually provided for 5 years. During this period, the applicant can travel outside the country; however, once the PR expires, they will not be able to travel outside the country. However, after expiration, it is still legal for them to reside in Australia.
Upto 2 years expired Australian Passports are also accepted by the ACIC. Otherwise, expired documents are invalid and cannot be provided to meet the minimum identity requirement to lodge a police check.

CASE 2: Documents lost in a Natural disaster


An applicant informed KONCHECK that he has lost his documents in a natural disaster. He is unable to meet the minimum identity requirement. Can he apply for a Criminal History Check

Solution/ Process

In some cases, an applicant may not be able to provide all four documents that are needed to lodge a police check. There may be some valid reasons. For such cases, the ACIC allows the usage of Special Provisions to verify the identity of the applicant.
First, the accredited body must seek to understand the circumstances. KONCHECK will ask to determine the reasons the applicant is unable to provide the required documents.
Next, KONCHECK will verify the legitimacy of the claim. For natural disasters, the Department of Home Affairs maintains a record. These records assist KONCHECK to access the claims related to the circumstances of the same.
KONCHECK seeks as much evidence as available from the applicant, including any identity documents they can provide.
To support the cause of the natural disaster, an applicant will be required to submit an emergency services report of insurance documents related to a claimed natural disaster.
To lodge the check, the applicant must provide at least one identity document that contains a photo. If an applicant is unable to provide the same, then a passport-sized photograph certified by an authorized person according to the Statutory Declarations Regulations will be required.
In cases like these, the applicant is requested to provide as much identity and evidential documentation as possible. Then, if KONCHECK determines the applicant legitimately falls into a Special Provision category
(click here to know more), KONCHECK will lodge their police check application.

CASE 3: Urgency of a police check


At the time of submitting the police check, an applicant has informed KONCHECK that they need it on an urgent basis.
All police check applications that are submitted to KONCHECK are lodged into the National Database on a Normal Priority basis. Here, 70% of police check results are received almost immediately. The rest of the applications on Normal Priority are released within 15 business days.
So, KONCHECK needs to understand the situation from the applicant. It may become a tendency of the applicant to request the check on an urgent basis to avoid the minimum processing time.

Which reasons will be considered as urgent?

A reason must be considered Urgent when the delay of the Police check results can have a deep impact on care, safety or provision of essential services. Some reasons may include;
  1. Skills needed for an emergency or disaster situation. Ex: Volunteers needed to provide natural disaster relief
  2. Political urgency, including national security. Ex: Volunteers for support in upcoming elections
  3. For any medical purposes. Ex: Requirement of Medical specialist for locum work in a remote area
  4. Childcare related services. Ex: Emergency foster carers are needed

Which reasons will NOT be considered as urgent?

  1. Hasten the employment check process
  2. Professional registration pending a National police check
  3. If the applicant has provided incorrect information in the police check application, and after that information was released on the certificate, the applicant may dispute the result.To reapply for another check, the application cannot be considered an urgent priority because of the delay in an accurate result generation.
In this case, upon successful verification of the urgent nature of the police check, KONCHECK processes the police check application into the National Database with Urgent Priority.
Generally, in the case of urgent-priority Police checks, the police agencies aim to process 95% of the police check applications within 5 business days. The applicant must keep in mind that every case is not the same, and in some cases the manual nature of matching decisions may delay the time frame.
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