Which Background Checks Are Right For Your Company


Have Doubts? Know Which Background Check you Should Perform on Your Employees!

More than 50% of employers strongly suggest that pre-employment background screening improves the quality of hire.

More than 80% of employers find misrepresentations in the resume of the candidates. More than 70% of employers believe that a background check is essential to uncover some issues which couldn't have been possible otherwise.

There is a wide range of background checks, criminal history check being one of them. In this blog, we will try to cover the details of background screenings so that it becomes convenient for an employer to choose which one they intend to perform on their prospective hires that serve the purpose.

Skill, Experience and Qualification Check

This type of Background Check helps to determine if the candidate states the truth in their resume. The exaggeration in information can be caught easily.

Qualification Verification

Seeking inflated or inexistent credentials, dates of graduation and academics records by directly contacting the awarding institute.

Professional Verification

Seeks the validation of professional memberships, (a member of the bar association, medical association, etc.) attendance dates by directly contacting the respective institute.

Employment Verification

Reveal any discrepancy or wrong information regarding the job position, responsibility, dates of jobs by getting in touch with the former employer or Human Resource Department.

Employment Verification in Banking Industry

Exposes if a financial sector employee has a previous history of misconduct or is subject to ongoing investigation for the same by asking a series of questions to the former employer to comply with the Banking Industry Background Check Protocol.

Reference Checks

This check is carried out to seek information related to the character of a person or their skills and experience, which may be relevant to their current job position.

Australian Police Checks

There are a few different types of police checks, and these checks exposes if an applicant has been convicted in any unspent criminal offence in the past or any ongoing court proceedings. Police Checks can be obtained through:

Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) Accredited Body

ACIC has accredited organisations like KONCHECK to conduct the Standard Employment or Volunteer Police Checks on candidates. The process at KONCHECK is 100% online.

The search is carried out against the information contained in the ACIC Database; the police decide what information applies to the applicant and what can be released in compliance with the Spent Conviction Legislation and Information Release Policy.

Australian Federal Police Check (AFP)

Apart from the employment, volunteer, occupation-related licencing/registration purposes, another kind of Police Check can be obtained through the AFP.

To know more on the differences between these two Types of Police Checks.

Compliance related Checks (ASIC, APRA, AHPRA, Aged Care)

Many occupations in Australia are highly regulated by the governing bodies, and there are many industry-specific obligations.

Australia's Security and Investment Commission (ASIC)

ASIC regulated companies have their criteria of background screening which includes a Criminal History Check, Bankruptcy Check, Qualification copies and two written business references of ASIC.

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)

APRA is required to ensure that the person is 'fit and proper' by undertaking checks including a criminal history check, banned person check, bankruptcy check, etc. 

Aged Care

Police Check in the Aged Care Industry were introduced in 2007 under the Aged Care Act 1997, and then expanded in 2009, requiring individuals in contact with elderly to be checked for criminal history every 3 years.

Under the Aged Care Act 1997, police check guidelines were introduced in 2007 and then expanded in 2009, requiring individuals in contact with elderly to be checked for criminal history every 3 years. To know how KONCHECK can help you to obtain this check, read this blog. 

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

AHPRA checks the Criminal History of an applicant during the registration process. The National Board demands to report the applicant's criminal background for all countries, including Australia.

Financial Background Checks

This check is performed when an applicant provides consent to obtain information on their financial past. The different forms of this check are;

Bankruptcy Check

This check is also known as an Insolvency Check, which determines if an applicant ever has been a subject to bankruptcy. To understand business risk, this check has to be performed.

Basic Credit Check

A Court Writs Public Record Search, Court Judgments, Shares, and Selective Bankruptcies determine whether a person has been involved in selected court actions that may expose a risk to the business.

Candidate-Accessed Credit History Check

Generally, a candidate's credit history can't be accessed through a third-party. However, a candidate can access his/her credit history file, which is a requirement for credit reporting agencies, and they provide such access to the candidates.

Identity or Work Rights Check

This check is mainly designed for Australian visa holders.

Identity Check

Identity is verified through different sources including the Document Verification Service (DVS).

Visa/Passport Validation

This check seeks validation of job rights of a candidate in Australia through various sources depending on the visa conditions of the applicant.

VEVO Check

A Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) Work Entitlement Check is conducted with the Department of Home Affairs to validate if an employee has a legal permit to work in Australia.

Business Interests Checks

Business interests Checks reports whether a person is connected with any other companies that may create a conflict of interest.

Directorship Check

This check determines the officeholding, including directorship and shareholdings of an individual in a private organisation.

Banned Persons Check

A check to search if an individual is excluded or disqualified under the Enforceable Undertaking Register for ASIC and the Disqualification Register for APRA.

Register Check for Professional and Licensee

This check runs through ASIC's professional register to find out if a person holds the AFS licence, Credit licence, Registered Auditors, etc. For details, check here.

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Check

This check runs through the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency register and obtains information including applicant's name, registration status, expiry dates etc.

Political Donations Check

A search in the Australian Electoral Commission's annual reports for evidence of any contributions the candidate has made to Australian political parties.

Working with Children Check (WWCC) Validation

To verify an applicant's WWCC with the relevant state and territory to confirm the Police Check Validity and expiry date.

Court's Check State Court Check

A search for available decisions of the Supreme Court in the candidate's state of residence, as well as available decisions from a wide range of other courts, commissions, tribunals and panels.

Federal Court Check

A search for available decisions of all courts including the Australian Federal Court, Magistrates Court of Federal Government and other commonwealth courts, commissions and tribunals about an individual.

Combined Court Check (Federal and One State Court)

A search for available cases, decisions etc. in the candidate's name from all available commonwealth courts and respective state/territory courts combined.

Comprehensive Court Check (All available Courts)

An overall search in the candidate’s name for available decisions, cases, orders etc. from all available commonwealth courts and all state/territory courts all over Australia.

Customised Court Check (All available courts by modifying search)

A search based on the candidate's name through various online sources, using search modifications (keywords) customised to the needs of the client, for all relevant cases, orders and decisions relating to particular matters.

Driving History Check

This check is obtained to require information or demerit points of a candidate's full driving history record from the specific state/territory to determine the business risks. In NSW, this check is not available legally, unless you are an employer.

Medical Checks for Employment

In Australia, many occupations with licencing and registration require a medical assessment for the candidate. A standard Medical Check includes Occupational History, Medical History and Medical Examination as Height, Weight, Eyesight, BMI, Blood Pressure, Respiratory, etc.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Instant Drug and Alcohol Testing is also a part of employment screening.

Watch Lists and Media Checks

Search for publicly available information, i.e. social media profiles of a candidate.

Watch Lists Check

Over 1600 international governments published watch lists which are searched for an individual/entity that has received censures or been banned.

Adverse Media Check

Searching from different media sources to find out information/articles mentioning an individual including but not limited to fraud, money-laundering, extortion, terrorism, corporate crime etc.

Customised Media Check

Searching from different media sources to find out information/articles mentioning an individual's name using search modifiers.

KONCHECK, an accredited body of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), conducts Criminal History Checks for an individuals. It also tailors police checks for business solutions.

Police Checks for occupations requiring licencing and registration such as aged care work, driving and AHPRA is also provided by KONCHECK. It is 100% online and provides most of the results in 1-2 business days.

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