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How it works
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How it works
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How it works
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Our Pricing

Australia: National Police Check

Suitable for paid employment, position of trust or industry accreditation.

$41.50 incl GST

Australia: Volunteer National Police Check

For unpaid work, student placement, work experience, or any volunteer position.

$22.50 incl GST
Documents Checklist
  • Scan or Take Picture of 4 Certified Photo Identification Documents (called “Minimum Identity Requirement”).
  • Ensure that your Name & DoB matches across all 4 documents.
  • Submit additional certified documents in case of “Change in Name”.
  • Refer to special provisions in case you are unable to meet the Minimum Identity Requirement.
  • Attach a self-captured photo of yourself with the Photo IDs to support your application.

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Docoment Checklist
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Q1. What is a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC)?

National Police Check (also called Police Clearance or Criminal History Check) is an Australia-wide consent-based check which discloses an applicant's complete background & history by checking the name, date of birth and gender of the applicant against the records contained in the police information database held by the ACIC.

The extent of police information and personal information disclosed in a police check result depends on the purpose of check. It could reveal disc losable court outcomes & pending charges against your name.

ACIC or the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission safeguards the Australian community by delivering National Police Checks. This helps applicants to apply for police checks for their respective purposes. They work closely with accredited bodies & police agencies to deliver accurate results.

NCCHC can be applied by:-
  • Pre-employment for jobs,
  • Appointment in positions of trust,
  • Volunteer work,
  • Work with senior citizens,
  • Australian Citizenship,
  • Firearm licensing,
  • Occupation-related licensing.

National Criminal History Checks provide vital information in an assessment process to lower the risk of appointing an unsuitable individual to a position of trust.

It is used by organisations to screen and make informed decisions about people applying for employment positions, including volunteers working with children or vulnerable groups. The National Criminal History Checks can be used to demonstrate suitability for paid employment in a position of trust or for industry accreditation, unpaid work, student placement or any other volunteer position.

People who are 16 years or older can get their Police Check done. However, those who are under 18 years of age need consent from a parent, guardian or other legal representative for the same.