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Importance Of police checks

The Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check is an Australia-wide consent-based integrity check to get a complete background & history disclosure of an applicant. It is used by organizations to make informed decisions & demonstrate suitability for paid employment including for volunteer-work with children or vulnerable groups. Similarly, everyone wanting to enter Australia is expected to meet character requirements as laid down in Section 501 of the Migration Act, 1958.

Thus, police checks are crucial for recruitment, probity inquiries, especially in industries such as Community Service, Healthcare, Government, Defense, Immigration and Banking & Finance.

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APC Current Concern

Current Concerns

Presently, workplaces are exposed to organized crimes like financial fraud, money laundering, illicit firearms and drugs, cybercrime, identity theft, exploitation of business structures, public sector corruption, violence & much more. In the wake of such troubling times, it becomes absolutely imperative to be aware of an individual’s background at the time of recruitment.

Even in today’s Information Age, police checks are majorly carried out under the manual review process. This is why organizations remain plagued with issues like inaccurate information, questionable background reports, improper verification procedures and inefficient data management. All of these are plausible causes for a major security threat.

Our Solutions

We at KONZE have introduced KONCHECK for 100% online application of police checks. KONCHECK is an accredited body of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) , which allows us to conduct police checking service across all Australian state jurisdictions. You merely need to fill our responsive application form, upload IDs, make secure online payment & successfully receive your police check without moving a muscle!

At KonCheck we ensure an automated screening system to foster efficiency & convenience. With our technology, you shall be able to verify documents at one-go with utmost accuracy. Escape laborious paper forms & snail-mails and switch to our responsive application form for verified, safe & private checks at your disposal.

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Our Focus

With KonCheck, we have taken a big leap towards pioneering background checks and employment screening to ensure the highest standards of transparency for organizations. We are aiming for a legitimate & 100% electronic distribution of results.

By integrating our digital infrastructure to work in conjunction with legislative requirements and compliance standards, we have successfully created a platform that delivers police checks in a secure and reliable manner.