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Benefits of KONCHECK
Business Solutions

Partner Website
Partner Website
  • Get your own Co-Branded Police Checking Website
  • Avail highly efficient police check processing technology
  • Flexible payment system
Personalized Online Portal
Personalized Online Portal
  • Dashboard providing overview of applications
  • Track the status of applications
  • Send reminder to applicants
Save Earn
Simplified Process
  • Send applicants notifications via email to apply for a police check
  • Applicants can avail a discounted price on the check
  • Easy to fill, a 100% online application form
Easy Process Quick Result
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How does the referral system work?

Refer applicants to lodge their Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check through KONCHECK at a discounted price by providing them with your very own promotional code.

Your One Stop Solution

KONCHECK is an accredited body of Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) and strictly follows their guidelines.

ACIC Accredited

KONCHECK is a 100% online portal. No hassle of paper-forms. Complete the online form in as quick as 5 minutes.


In 70% of the cases KONCHECK delivers the certificate within 1-2 business days.

Your One Stop Solution

KONCHECK values the privacy of applicants. All information is handled with utmost care and the payment gateway is highly secure.

Easy Verify

Obtain your company’s co-branded website which allows applicants to lodge their police check. This allows you to showcase your brand!

Track Application

Track the application and measure the progress. Send reminders in case of delaying the process. Verify the certificate on our website!

A mandatory police check from each person can help the organisation avoid risks and threats from potential and current employees.

Police Checking Process
A police check should be required

By mandating a police check within the company policy conveys a clear message of its importance. It is not just another employee check Honest employees can be an asset to the organisation and the recruiting process should involve the Police Checking Service.

As an employer, you need to be 100% sure that the applicant’s police check provider is accredited by the relevant authorities. Taking control of the process shows you the integrity of the information that is supplied to you.

For getting a job, applicants can become desperate. Adopting the police checking service in-house guarantees you that the information you are being provided is genuine and not tampered with.

Performing the check from time to time will help you to acquire information on current employees as well. It is a wise move to conduct a police check regularly while trusting them with sensitive and confidential information.

To make it stress-free and uniformed, it’s always convenient to choose a single provider for potential and current employees.