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Know your police check Certificate

National police check is a crucial element for meeting the employment requirements in Australia. These checks demonstrate the suitability of an applicant for volunteering services, unpaid work, or working with vulnerable groups such as children or adults with disabilities.

Organisations use these checks to make informed decisions about an applicant. A police check is undertaken with the informed consent of the applicant being checked. police checks help fasten the employment screening process and eliminates the chance of security threats.

Do you know what will appear in your police check certificate?

After completing the police check application form, KONCHECK aims to provide applicants their Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC) Certificate within 1-2 business days in the applicant’s KONCHECK portal. In some cases, a police check may be delayed.

What is Included

Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check Details: Submitted Date, Status of the check, Result, Match Date, Release Date, Type of Check, Category of Check and the Purpose

Subject Details: Primary and any other previous/alias names (if applicable), Birth Date, Gender, Birth Place and Address(es).

What is Not Included

After a period of time, an individual’s conviction may become ‘spent’. This means that under certain circumstances (including the severity of the conviction, the time since the conviction and whether or not any other crimes have been committed) a conviction may not be released on a police check.

Further to this, some police information cannot be released to the submitting accredited body of the police check, being KONCHECK, so it will not appear on your police check results.


A police check result may contain either of the following:

No Disclosable Court Outcomes (NDCO)

No police information is held

Disclosable Court Outcomes (DCO)

Police information can be released, including:

  • Court convictions, including penalties and sentences
  • Court appearances
  • Charges
  • Findings of guilt with no conviction
  • Good behaviour bonds or other Court orders
  • Matters awaiting Court hearings
  • Traffic Offence History
  • Warnings and Warrants
Unable to Process (UTP) police checks

In some circumstances, a police check cannot be completed due to the following reasons:

  • Insufficient or incorrect police check data submitted
  • Legislation prevents a juvenile police check from being processed
  • Where the informed consent has not been properly collected
  • Police data integrity issue
  • When the police have obtained more information from the applicant to help process a police check, but this request for information (RFI) has not been finalised within the required timeframe
What happens next?

After the police check application processing is complete, the outcome or result will be released. If you feel any sort of information on the police check is inaccurate or incorrect, you may raise a dispute.