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The ACIC Police Checking Service is continuing to experience processing delays due to unprecedented demand of police checks. There are significant delays in the processing of some checks.

1. Personal Details & Select Check Type

Enter your name and verify your contact details through a One Time Password. Select the Check Type & Purpose of the National Police Check.

2. Make Online Payment

We make NCCHCs 100% online by accepting Master, VISA and AMEX cards for a secure payment through our payment gateway.

3. Fill Application

Fill our responsive application form by providing Birth Details, Previous Names (if any), Current and Previous Residential Addresses for the last 5 years.

4. Upload Documents
& Sign

Scan or take a photo of the four ID Documents along with a self-captured photo to support your application. Click here for a complete guide. Provide your consent by electronically signing the form

5. Receive NCCHC

70% of the checks are processed within 1-2 days. It may take longer under special circumstances. Download a sample certificate here.

Please note that in this site we only allow you to apply online for a NCCHC for employment or volunteer purposes. In case you are interested in carrying out an Australian Federal Police (AFP) Check for visa, citizenship or immigration purposes then please visit

Need your Police Check on an Urgent Basis?

The ACIC understands that police checks may be needed on an urgent basis, and we are there to assist you.

There are 4 general categories for urgent police checks:
  • Specialist skills or an emergency or disaster situation
    Volunteers are needed to provide bushfire relief
  • Political reasons
    (including national security – for Australian Government only)
    Support is needed for an upcoming election
  • Medical reasons
    Requirement of Medical specialist for remote area
  • Child-related process, including adoption and emergency placement
    Emergency foster carers are needed

Ensure your reason falls under one of the categories to be eligible for urgent processing.
KONCHECK can process your application on an “Urgent Priority” once the reason provided by the applicant is verified.

Our Pricing
For Employment Check A$41.50
For Volunteer Check A$22.50

We accept Master, VISA and AMEX Cards.


  • 100% online with a super quick turnaround time.
  • Verified, Safe & Private National Police Checks.
  • Responsive Form & Instant E-mail Notifications.
  • Secure online payment using Master, VISA and AMEX Cards.
  • Electronic Distribution of Results within 1-2 days*.
  • Track your application in real time.
  • 70% of all checks are processed within 1-2 days.
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