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What is included in a VEVO check certificate?

VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) Checks are conducted to validate if an employee has legal working rights in Australia. It confirms the legal rights of non-Australian residents, foreign nationals and individuals holding Australian visas. This check displays:

Visa class / subclass
Full Name
Visa grant date and expiry date
Location of the applicant (Onshore or Offshore)
Work entitlement(s) including any conditions

Temporary Visas can sometimes be cancelled. Or, before the original visa has expired a visa holder may apply for a substantive visa. Those visas may not have the same job privileges as the employee's original visa. Unless the visa status is routinely reviewed, employers won't pick up on these issues. So, they may ask for a VEVO check before hiring.

An appropriate example of this can be when a holder of a Working Holiday Visa applies for a Student Visa. A Working holiday visa has the full-time work permit, whereas a student visa may allow only 40 hours of work a fortnight. Unless employers check the visa status regularly, they may face fines and other penalties.

An applicant cannot apply for the check if they do not have a Passport.

Every Australian Visa Holder should obtain a VEVO Work Entitlement Check as proof of their right to work.

There are chances of substantial penalties and imprisonment by the Home Affairs Department if the employee does not have the right to work legally. An illegal worker may be fined $63,000 or 5-years imprisonment, and an organisation may be fined up to $315,000. VEVO checks eliminate the chances to employ an illegal worker in the organisation.